Custom Metal Work Ideas

If you want to incorporate industrial design into your upcoming home redesign project, here are a few ideas for tailored metalwork that you should consider. Metal railings, such as aluminium or steel, can serve as a unique focal point in your home. They can be decorated with ornate details or combined with glass and wood elements.

Metal is a strong material and can last for years without varnish or coating, so it is a good choice for any home design project.

If you have access to scrap steel, you will have a cheap material from which to make beautiful ornaments. Instead of using wood as the main body, aluminium can be used to create a solid base on which the screen parts can then be welded. If you had a steel frame, we would have an easy way to start making brackets for people.

You can choose whether you decorate your project in a way that makes it look realistic or whether it is characterised by a rustic steel look. You can create a lot of custom looks with simple steel tubes or an open frame design. For a profitable project, you can make steel plates an interesting and unique piece of metal work for your home, office or business.

Custom Metal Project – Garden Arch Arbor Frame

By using old trampoline legs and some lattice, this DIY home welding project was built in one full day. As the wife loves playing in the garden, this custom garden arch was given as a present. It makes a great spot to hang plants and a very attractive entrance way or pathway decoration

Completed garden arch frame

Completed garden arch frame

Garden arch

If you like to camp, these Dutch stove holders are very practical and create extensive shelves in your garage. Grab some supplies, get some steel drums and cast iron doors, and you’re ready to go to work.

With some TIG welding you only have to attach the handle to the head to have a usable hammer. A simple wooden plank sits on a bridge (or ceiling or wall plug) connected to a piece of steel with a metal handle at the top and a wooden handle at the bottom.

The same principle could be used to create a fireplace poker or other tools, or even as part of a hearth for a wood stove or hob.

This way you can create something that is useful now, rather than a DIY project lying around the house. You can even mount wood on a frame to create a viable coffee table that looks great in your home and makes the price you would pay in a furniture store for exactly the same piece. Check out this wood-metal combination for some interesting projects that could potentially be profitable.

If you want a profitable horseshoe welding project, this could be a good option for you. Pick your favourite animal and you could carve out a niche in the market or even sell it at a profit.

With the various sizes options, you can use different metals such as steel, aluminium, copper, stainless steel and even brass specifically for your project.

If you are someone who is involved in DIY projects, you know how difficult it can be to find the right type of metal for the parts of your project. All you have to do is simply specify dimensions and shapes, and if you provide all the necessary information, the manufacturer will take care of the rest. Which metal should the metal be made of and how does it fit with the other parts?

If you are not yet sure where the individual metal production works best for you, we can help you to decide for yourself. We visit your website and show you projects of past customers to help you design designs that could work for your home or business. You will be informed about the different metals available on the market and about the best prices.

Custom Metal Fabricators Near me

For one of our recent projects we used Metalmac who is located in north-western Sydney, NSW.  They were specialists in making metal parts that enhance the beauty of your work environments and home living areas. Start by designing your own custom-made piece of metal that will beautify your property and enhance its appearance.

A custom-made garden sculpture or bench can give your outdoor space a moody and peaceful feel. Here are some ideas that will capture your imagination, where you can use decorative metal parts to add beauty to any room!

Customized metal production enables customers to bring their ideas and visions to life. Individual metal inserts in concrete walls can soften the appearance and give your home, office, garden or even your personal space a creative touch. A customized metal manufacturing is at the forefront of cutting, bending and assembling metal.

Check out some of our designs for what you can get in your building and let us know what it looks like in the comments below. A great resource to turn your ideas into functional reality and a great source of inspiration for your projects.

Dolly is not only a wooden shelf inside, which doubles as a children’s playground, but also a safe space. Follow our design and you will have a unique home-made fire bowl that will keep your children safe.