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Purchasing Gun Cases

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With so many different companies offering firearms cases and so many models to choose from it can be a nightmare trying to decide on which one is the best for your needs. Hunters and Target shooters will have varying needs that are dependent on the type and size of the weapons and the type of terrain it will be transported into. This could include temperature, snow and ice, extremely dusty, very hot and also the mode of transport meaning will the cases and firearm be exposed to severe shocks, airline transport or any other kind of rough treatment. It may be packed in the back of a truck where it is exposed to crusing weight of other stores or free to bounce around in the back.

Security is another concern, and some states require that you store your firearms in a locked box for transport. This would be particularly relevent at an airport or other areas where there are large crowds of people that could potentially freak out at the sight of a gun. One of the best ways to help you choose the right gun storage cases are to find online retailers such as Plano Storage Cases that offer product reviews and general hints and tips before purchasing.

For years the high end market has been dominated by Pelican cases, who specialise in making top quality hard cover gun cases. Hard covers provide the ultimate on protection because they are usually made from very high quality impact resistant polycarbonate. This polycarbonate is very light for its level of strength making for an easier unit to transport from venue to venue. Many of the modern storage cases also have wheel fitted which becomes particularly handy when wheeling around airports or places where long foot travel is required. Also for double gun cases, the weight of 2 firearms can be quite significant, so wheel make for a much easier means of carriage.

Quality Gun Case

High grade polycarbonate cases are usually secured by 2-6 latches, spaned around the contour of the box. These latches are very positive locking making them hard to come apart under impact stress or general duties. Most of the top end storage boxes run and full length water tight seal. This is a fantastic feature because, not only will it keep water and moisture away from your expensive firearms, but it will also keep dust and other particles at bay. Most shooters will agree that they have a love and passion for their guns and love to take exceptionally good care of them.

Inside a hard cover gun case, you will find a thick layer of foam lining the area of the box. When a user buys a case they will then need to take a sharp knife or scalpel to intricately cut the foam to the dimensions of their firearm. Some cases from Plano molding Company have cubed foam meaning the little cubes are easy to tear out for fitting the rifle rather than cutting it with a knife. The disadvantage of this is you dont get a clean cut around the rifle and it can look a little untidy.

As previously stated, hard cover cases are best suited to transport where the rifle / case is going to be subject to bumps, impact or vibrations such as riding around in the tray of a car or rough baggage handlers. The main disadvantage of this kind of case is the size and weight. The outer shell takes up alot of surface area and volume making it harder for packing in cars where space is a concern. If this is the case, then a soft gun bag may be of consideration. The best thing about soft gun carry cases is they are very light weight and take up a minimal amount of room. They are also easy to pack into truck or trailer when ging on long trips. The downside of this is if the rifle is exposed to a harsh bump externally this could leave the rifle damaged or even bump the scope out of zero.

Another advantage of a soft cover is its purchase price normally being a little cheaper than a quality hard cover. There are exceptions to the rule of course, but this is a nice feature. The soft cover cases are not water proof and general offer minimal protection from moisture and water, though better than nothing. They do however provide satisfactory dust protection. I would not recommend taking a soft gun case on a snow hunting trip for example as it will not be water resistant when sitting your gear on the snow, even it it is just in transit.

To summerise, your best to spend plenty of time looking for gun cases online and learning as much as you can from the articles before committing to a purchase.